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Comic Nomic

A game of nomic.

Section 1: Basic principles.

101. Any SmackJeeves member may become a Player at any time by becoming an author of the Comic Nomic webcomic.

102. At any time, any Player may submit a Proposal to change the rules. Proposals must be submitted as news posts to the Comic Nomic webcomic.

103. Players may Vote on Proposals by commenting on them, and stating their approval or disapproval.

104. If, after 3 days, more than half of all Votes on a Proposal are in favor, the Proposal is considered Succeeded and the rules are changed. Otherwise, the Proposal is considered Failed. A Succeeded or Failed Proposal may not be Voted on.

105. Each Player who has done something worth notice gets a Title, such as "Crazy Pervert Tyler" or "Graphics Designer Sophia". The Mad King gets to choose the Titles, using whatever reasoning he/she chooses.

106. Comic Nomic is divided into a number of rounds called Mad Reigns. Each Mad Reign is headed by a single Mad King (or Mad Queen), and is named according to the number of Mad Reigns where they have been the Mad King (i.e. "The Mad Reign of Kennercat I"). When a Player wins, they become the new Mad King, the Plot Summary page is blanked, and all rules declaring victory conditions are repealed.

Section 2: Scoring.

201. Each Player has a Score, which shall be tracked in the Scoreboard page at the Comic Nomic website. Score may also be referred to as Points.

202. When a Proposal becomes Succeeded, the Player who posted it gains 10 Points.

Section 3: Plot.

301. There is a page called Plot Summary, which contains summaries of every comic page not defined by another rule (for example, no proposals will be kept there).

302. Each Player has a Location. All valid Locations shall be kept in the Backgrounds page. The Backgrounds page shall note what Locations each Location is adjacent to. Within an hour after they post a comic page, a Player may set their Location to any adjacent Location.

Section 4: Gameplay.

401. Each player has numbers called STR, AGI, DEX, INT, and SOL, which may be referred to as Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Soul, respectively.


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